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24/7 Tree Removal Flathead Valley Emergency Bucket Service  Hazard / Technical Tree Removal Specialists

24/7 Tree Removal Flathead Valley Emergency Bucket Service  Better Business Bureau Accredited

24/7 Tree Removal Flathead Valley Emergency Bucket Service  Professional, Safe, Licensed & Correctly Insured

24/7 Tree Removal Flathead Valley Emergency Bucket Service  Service Area: Eureka to Polson & Libby to Essex

24/7 Tree Removal Flathead Valley Emergency Bucket Service  Fire Fuel Reduction & Low Impact Land Clearing

24/7 Tree Removal Flathead Valley Emergency Bucket Service  Seasoned FIREWOOD: Coming Spring 2021
     See Firewood Tab for details

24/7 Tree Removal Flathead Valley Emergency Bucket Service  Mulch is currently in stock and sold by the CUYD: Softwoods @ $12.ea / Hardwoods @ $20.ea.

24/7 Tree Removal Flathead Valley Emergency Bucket Service  Residential & Commercial Snow Plowing & Road Sanding

24/7 Tree Removal Flathead Valley Emergency Bucket Service  Call or TEXT 24/7 for Emergency Service


Independent Tree & Landscape

Providing a multitude of Specialized High Quality services to the Flathead Valley.

With potential for fire damage, make sure your home & land are protected for the upcoming seasons by creating a manageable forest and firebreak. Call us for a consultation & plan of action to reduce your risk for loss & tragedy.

Independent Tree Service has over 14 years experience specifically within the Tree Care & Hazardous Removal fields and over 21 years in Landscaping.

We are a CORRECTLY INSURED, Professional & Safely Operating local business within the Flathead Valley, offering urgent care for your trees and property in the wake of severe storms that damage trees and threaten your assets. 

Armed with the knowledge and very specialized equipment needed to tackle some of the largest jobs imaginable, we are sure you will be impressed by our step by step process & clean final product.
Give us a call today to experience what sets us apart from the competition!




Tree Service Kalispell Montana

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Pruning

  • Thinning

  • Land Clearing

  • Fire Fuel Reduction

  • Fine Hedge Trimming

  • Debris Hauling & Disposal

  • Brush Chipping

  • Hazard & View Enhancing Tree Removal

  • Bucket Truck Service

  • Tree Spade - Planting

  • Landscape Design

  • Annual Maintenance Plans

Snow Plowing / Snow Hauling / Driveway Sanding

Committed to excellence and professionalism if everything we do.
When Old Man Winter struts his stuff, give us a call to become one of our regular long term contracts. Whether it be a residential driveway, corporation that starts early, or an HOA; you can rest easy knowing we are on your side and take your project seriously.

We have several Plow Trucks, Skid Steers, Road Sanders and Snow Blowers to get the job done right, and on time.

Call us at 406-212-1963 for Snowplowing in the Kalispell Area


Firewood for Sale in Kalispell

Got Heat? Our Firewood product is typically:

  • Cut to 14''

  • Split for easy handling

  • Seasoned for a full year

  • Available for Pick up & Delivery

  • Varieties of Hard & Softwood available

Orders are filled on a fist come first serve basis and we are typically sold out by Mid October.



Organic Mulch & Wood Chip Sales

Independent Tree Service regularly offers an esthetically pleasing and affordable source of commercially processed wood chips. The species and type vary and make for an excellent garden or walkway mulch. Our three most commonly produced products are:


  1. Clean Chip: Minimal needles or leaves produced from dry & dead material.

  2. Hardwood Chips: Excellent for garden applications.

  3. Softwood Chips: Perfect for suppressing vegetation and creating walking paths.

  4. Mixed Dirty Chip: Branches have been chipped with green leaves & needles attached. Harvested during the growing season. Product contains high levels of organic material.

  5. Compost Chip: Our Dirty Chip Mixed nearly 50/50 with horse manure

Our Dirty & Compost Chips are loved by organic gardeners for their rich nutrient content!

Call ahead for availability and delivery prices.



Brush Chipping in Kalispell

Doing some yard work? Our large commercial tree chippers makes quick work out of even the biggest piles of brush. Our dump truck + heavy duty dump trailer along with the professional & hard working staff can make even the most difficult clean up projects seem easy. 


Tree Planting in Flathead Valley

Adding trees to your existing landscape can be beneficial in a multitude of ways. Let our large Skid Steer mounted tree spade do the work! Able to dig a 36'' root ball, this machine is comfortable moving most trees with a 4'' trunk diameter by roughly 14' tall depending on the species and soil type. With its size & versatility, this machine can fit in spaces most truck mounted spades dream of working and is best suited to moving trees across your land.
Call us today for a consultation: 406-212-1963

  • Shade

  • Privacy

  • Curb Appeal

  • Property Value


Independent Tree Service Estimates: 

A typical estimate requires nearly 4 hrs minimum from start to finish and almost always requires a site visit to obtain accurate details about your project and how we can best serve you. This estimate will take all of the relevant facts about your project into consideration to ensure the utmost satisfaction no matter how large or small the tasks at hand. Because our time and the successful planning & execution of your project are of extremely high importance and value to us, we have implemented a nominal $18./hr. estimate fee for all new customers.

Though we try to have our estimates out within 24hrs of the site visit to expedite the scheduling of your project, please allow 5 business days for us to prepare your comprehensive estimate (and supply the appropriate insurance documentation if requested). We value all of our customers and do our best to serve our clients needs as quickly and efficeiently as possible: Therefore we are not willing to visit potential jobsites without the property owner or representitive present so that we may collect all of the relevent information needed. Thank you for understanding.

The estimate fee is due within 10 business days of the first site inspection and will be deducted as a courtesy from the total estimate figures upon signing of contract. Please call 406-212-1963 if you have any questions.