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We are currently processiong orders for the 2021 Season!

We sell by the Cubic Foot in ANY INCREMENT!

See Product Availibility List Below

Independent Tree Service
Firewood Kalispell
Terms of Service



Independent Tree Service LLC proudly offers a varied species of firewood for heating your home, office or shop. We sell wood by true volume and type based on their relative BTU ratings, NOT by weight or "light or dark wood". If you've never burned a true HARDWOOD, you don't know what you're missing!

Disclaimer: We try to ensure that the majority of our wood is cut to approximately 14''-16'' lengths and is completely split, though due to the current labor shortage we have converted over to an automated processor which may produce abnormally large split or double length pieces. We do try to sort these pieces out prior to delivery, but cannot guarantee any particular sizes in your order. Similarly, we have begun using heavy machinery to load orders for delivery and you may find more debris in your order than years prior. We season and store product under cover when possible but do not offer any guarantee on moisture content. Given the wide variety of stove types and intended uses for our product: if you demand a particular wood type, size, or moisture content, please make an appointment to pick up product from our yard so you can personally sort, load and haul what works best for you.

We are typically completely sold out of firewood by Mid October and we do not deliver after the first snow fall. Please plan ahead to ensure you have HEAT during winter.
Pro Tip: August is our busiest Firewood month. Get it before the fall rains begin!

What goes into a SINGLE cord of firewood when its done right (minimum) : 1hr travel to site+ 2 hrs felling, bucking & loading + 1 hr travel to yard + 1.5 hrs splitting + 1 hr stacking + 6-24 MONTHS covered dry storage + 1 hr loadout + 2 hrs delivery time + miles to your door = 9.5hrs +/-, per a cord! (Not including dry storage for seasoning)

Important information and answers to frequently asked questions:

-Our yard is located at 2817 Hwy 2 West Kalispell MT
-All of our wood is sold by the cubic foot based on cord prices. We do not sell by weight.
-We have moisture meters on site if you wish to test the wood to make sure it is "seasoned".
-Seasoned wood has a moisture content of 20% or less.
-We do not "hold or reserve" wood to be picked up as needed throughout the winter.
-We operate on a "Cash & Carry" policy. Local checks are only accepted for prepaid orders.
-What we have in stock as of September 1st is typically all we will have available thru the winter.
-We are typically completely sold out by October 31st.
-We sell three categories of wood: "Budget, Soft & Hardwoods".
-The wood type categories are mixed in piles (ie: Softwoods: Fir, Larch, Lodgepole etc- are mixed).
-We typically offer a 10% discount (or as listed below) for wood picked up at our yard. 
-Due to increased seasonal operating costs: 
     Regular prices apply as of Nov.1st on product picked up from our yard.
-To reduce our liability: Product picked up from our yard is sold with the understanding that YOU Pick, Load & Haul. If assistance is needed, we are occassionally able and willing to make arrangements prior to your arrival. Please ask for details when scheduling your appointment.
-Sales are by appointment or when open by chance. Please call or text: 406-212-1963
-We do offer volume delivery (at regular product prices), and we do charge hourly for this service.
(Free delivery is typically offered for our "neighbors" within 5 miles of our yard.)
-Firewood delivery orders must be placed at our yard and prepaid for. This will give you the opportunity to view the product prior to purchase. 
-We DO NOT deliver after the first snowfall of the season.
- Though we try to avoid inclement weather, we DO occasionally deliver during rainy days
and we DO NOT plastic tarp orders at our yard or during transport.
-We do not currently offer stacking on delivery orders.
-Orders are dumped as close to requested drop location as possible. Final drop location decision will be made by delivery driver based on a numer of variables.
-We do bill accordingly if: delivery access is different or more restrictive than customer indicates, and/or if additional work/travel is required to complete any order.
-Delivery orders are typically prioritized based on chronologicical order
-We are typically (but not always) at least 2 weeks out for delivery.
-Orders placed before the first snowfall: which have not yet been delivered, shall be held at our yard for customer arranged pickup. Pickup must be scheduled and take place within 10 business days of order completion. Travel/Hauling fees shall be transferred to storage & staffing expenses. Additional storage fees may be assessed after the 10 day holding period and all orders left beyond 30 days will be returned to stock.
-We do not offer refunds for prepaid orders.
-Please review our general Terms of Service for additional guidelines.

Current estimated inventory: "Revolving" (Updated: 04/26/2021)
Prices as of Jan 1st 2021:

Budget Firewood: 140./ Cord

Available: Processing Orders
The most common types we bring in and stock are:
-Poplar, Aspen, Willow and Cottonwood (Technically Hardwoods, but on the lighter/softer spectrum)
-Low density @ roughly 1600-2000 lbs. per cord
-Starts easily, burns fast with low smoke/ BTU’s, and higher ash.
-Low sap content w/ little to no creosote deposits in the chimney which reduces the likelihood of chimney fires.
*Due to the extremely low profit yeild on this product and low general overall weight, this product is typically cut to 14-16'' lengths and sold in rounds. (ie. is not often split before sale).


Softwoods / Sapwood / Conifers: $220./ Cord

Available: Processing Orders
The most common types we bring in and stock are:
-Fir, Larch, Ponderosa, Spruce, Pine, and Lodgepole
-Medium Density @ roughly 2,000-2,200 lbs. per cord
-Starts easily, burns hotter & faster with more smoke due to high sap content with medium to low ash
-High sap content w/HIGH creosote deposits in chimney with increased danger of chimney fire & more cleaning.


Actual Hardwoods: $320./ Cord

Available: Processing Orders
The most common types we bring in and stock are:
-Elm, Chestnut, Maple, Ash, Apple, Black Locust and Oak.
-High density @ roughly 5,000-5,500 lbs. per cord
-Longer burn times, lower smoke volume, but higher ash content in the firebox due to density
-Low sap content w/ little to no creosote deposits in the chimney which reduces the likelihood of chimney fires.

**Visit our Firewood Gallery for photo references of products listed!**



Prices are Per Cord, Sold by the Cubic Foot, and Exclude delivery.

We DO NOT deliver during winter months: After the first snow fall of the season.

Schedule early and avoid the rush.

Great reference for firewood education, BTU chart and cord weight ratings:


Call us NOW to reserve your heat for 2021/2022: 406-212-1963